Let’s Drink: The Ramos Gin Fizz and Vin de Pamplemousse

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This week Tom and I pulled out all the stops for this segment.

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On the podcast I said a Fizz is a Sour with seltzer but I was wrong

A Fizz is Liquor, Acid,Simple Syrup and Seltzer

A Sour is Liquor,Acid,Simple Syrup,  Egg White

This is a Ramos Gin  Fizz

Mike’s Drink: The Ramos Gin Fizz

2 oz Gin

.5  oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz Lime Juice

.5 oz  Simple Syrup

.5 oz heavy cream

3 dashes orange flower water

1  Egg White

Top  with club soda

To Prepare:

Put all ingredients besides the club soda into a shaking tin and shake vigorously without ice. This is called dry shaking and allows for the foam to form in the drink. Add ice and shake vigorously again. Honestly you will be shaking for about 5 minutes. Pour into a Collins Glass with ice, add seltzer into the tins to pick up whatever is left and top your drink with it.

The Ramos Gin Fizz was created by Henry Ramos in New Orleans in the 1880s. People would come from all over to drink one so he employed an entire line of men to just shake these cocktails.

Tom’s Drink: Vin de Pamplemousse

3 Ruby Red Grapefruits

3 White Grapefruits

4 Lemons

1 Vanilla Bean

3 Cups Granulated Sugar

5 Liters of Wine($10 NZ Sauvignon Blanc preferred)

1 Liter of Vodka

To Prepare:

Slice all your citrus very thin with the skin on. Sterilize a large bucket and add all the ingredients.  Cover with plastic wrap and put away in the dark for 40 days. Your first few days you need to go and stir it vigorously to make sure the sugar dissolves, then just  leave it and let all the flavors meld.  Pour it into sterilized wine bottles and cork them

If you want a bottle of Vin de Pamplemousse DM us on Instagram or Twitter


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